Managed Services
Mware offers the Operator to Manage his service for parts of the IPTV platform. This allows the Operator to focus completely on its Marketing and Sales activities., for example in its strategy to differentiate amongst competitors with an exclusive user experience or to outsource specific aspects of its activities. Examples are management of Transcoders and related services like InteractiveTV, CloudPVR and the management of Content, User Interfaces and Product management.


Custom App Design and Development
The CloudTV middleware platform offers an User Interface Toolkit with multiple User Interfaces which can be used by the Operator to present the best customer experience for every user group.
Operators with a specific company vision about the way they would like to present their brand and the content they offer, prefer a tailor made designed and developed user experience.
To address these specific requests Mware offers a Custom App Development Service. Based on a approved project plan UI/UX designers and Developers will create the unique customer experience.


On-site Training
On request a local Training program can be organized. The Training is charged on a daily rate of US$ 800 plus travel expenses.


Organizations might need extra help to improve their operations or accelerate their business. MwareTV offers several options to support their customers. Examples are analyses of the existing head end infrastructure, or the creation of a financial business plan including P&L and Cashflow planning based on the defined business assumptions.


Offering an IPTV service involves many different departments, like marketing & sales, operations, finance, IT and several external partners. All the departments and involved persons will need the same understanding and focus for a successful introduction and roll out. For example speak the same language, understanding implication of requirements on the total platform and service, synchronize ideas and priorities. Mware offers Workshops to support organizations in this process. The result is a joined project plan.


Growth hacking marketing
Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. In cooperation with experts MwareTV offers marketing services that result in real sales and a sustainable ROI of the TV project.