Apps to impress your Audience

Fully Branded, Template Based, Zero Coding

Bring your content to life across 15 platforms with our multi template branded apps.

Give your customers a seamless UI/UX experience across 15 platforms. Adding professional features such as Recording, CatchupTV, PauseTV and DVR and combine this with attractive content such as Channels, Radio, Movies, Series and even Education will keep your customers satisfied forever.

Highly Flexible & Fully Featured


Each family member can create is owns profile. Parents can make parental controlled profiles for their children.


Let the user change and control his viewing experience with multiple settings including language selection and device management.


Content can be presented in the ways your customers are familiar with: Audio Languages, Subtitles and Closed Captioning.

Parental Control

Parental Control based on content ratings automated via TV Guide data, manual set via the TVMS and set by your customer through the apps.


Promote your service, share system messages and present the latest and most viewed content to your customers.


Send personal messages about the subscription, promote content and keep you customers informed about the service.

In App Purchasing

Let your customer buy/rent content or subscribed to an auto renewed subscription model. Support for IOS, TVOS, AndroidTV, Android and FireTV.


Earn extra revenue with our VAST, CSAI, SSAI platform linked with the biggest ad suppliers in the world.


Live TV and Radio channels with fast channel change / zapping speed with options for viewers to set their viewing preferences.


With InteractiveTV services like CatchupTV, PauseTV, ReplayTV and DVR you give you customers various way to enjoy your content.

TV Guide

The fastest TV Guide in the TV industry with multiple views to access all features and services and powerful search and sorting options.


Movies are setup in various stores and split in unlimited number of categories giving your customer and easy and fast way to browse your content.


Watch series like Netflix, presented in a per season overview with detailed descriptions, episode images and metadata and let your customer binge all night long.


Let your customers listen to their favourite music and artist. Presented in album like overview with clear playlist based player.


Video based content for use in classrooms and home education. Multi-level presentation like level, year, course and lesson's.


Create your own App Store (Android only) and offer only the apps you want your users to be able to install on your branded set-top box.

App Builder

Create your app in a few easy steps: select your desired Template add your Branding, build up the menu and the screens, all this with zero coding.

Powerful Branding

Change colours, add your logo, background and start up screen, setup your support texts and menu structures to match your services.

Market Specific

Personal and Cultural preferences: create user interfaces each tailored to exactly meet your audience requirements. Add as many as you want.

The 100% guarantee

Due to MwareTV's secret sauce we can guarantee 100% uptime for all your apps, across all your services, across all your customers devices.

Multiple Templates

Select from various purposely designed Templates for your Apps each one with its own characteristics and content focus for example TV centric or VoD centric layouts.

Multiple Markets

Target multiple markets at the same time with individual branded apps, each with their own specific content catalogues and product definitions.

Multiple Languages

Offer your apps in the native language of your customers, any language is supported and can be selected in the from the start screen of your apps and changed later through the settings menu.

Multiple Models

We have various commercial models make money from you service. Subscriptions, Advertisements, TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, Trials or Freemium. Webshop integrations or in App Purchasing.

Powerful & Unlimited

  • Powerful features to create your own uniquely branded app.

  • MwareTV UI Toolkit you have access to unlimited set of combinations to create your unique cross platform apps.

  • Purposely designed for TV, Mobile, Tablet and Web to offer your customers the best viewing

We make your brand look good
on every screen

Your brand never looked so good as with MwareTV. On top off that your customers have a wide variety of devices to choose from. For you as an operator we offer fast time to market combined with the design flexibility to create the user interface or your dreams.

TV, Mobile, Tablet, Web

Coding Templates

MwareTV let’s you choose from 5 templates each designed for IPTV & OTT services. Our UX/UI designers and developers create a new template every 3 months each time based on different design principles but always for TV, Mobile, Tablet, Web and Phone as shown above.


Create sticky customers...

Offering a great service with ease of use combined with the best content available will keep your customer glued to their screen forever. Personalised viewing, binge watching, recommended TV programs on top of an intuitive UI/UX design are the cornerstones of a successful service.

100% Uptime Guarantee!

At MwareTV we know your TV should always work so that is why we developed unique cloud based architecture so we can truly guarantee 100% uptime.

24/7/365 Outstanding Support

We believe in fast, direct and personal support that is why you can always talk to one or our support engineers in your local timezone via phone, Skype and email.

Need a brainstorm about the best options?

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