Your installed base still able to support state of art the features

In the past, Linux Set-top boxes were used a lot for TV Services. These Services were custom build projects and needed software development to integrate the end user application with the Set-top box. Nowadays, People expect new features, use of Mobile Apps and modern user interfaces. New TV management systems are needed to facilitate it the continues need to adapt to market developments.

How to keep using the installed base of Linux Set-top boxes and optimize the investments done in the past? MwareTV offers solutions to integrate the installed base with and migrate your installed base to a new TV system. CloudTV was designed to enable operators to deliver a consistent, customized and refreshed TV experience to their installed base of IPTV Set-top boxes. Bringing graphical EPG, Video on Demand, OTT services like CatchupTV to Set-top boxes with no browser or limited graphical capabilities. It enables operators to use a next generation of TV based services across the range of Set-top boxes deployed in their network.

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